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Friends of Hopelands and Rye Patch

Friends of Hopelands and Rye Patch, Inc., a nonprofit organization, collaborates with the City of Aiken to preserve, maintain, and develop Hopelands Gardens and Rye Patch and to raise money to help with the costs. Admission is free to Hopelands Gardens and Rye Patch. Enjoy these public gardens as Hope Goddard Iselin wished it to be: “a quiet, peaceful haven for the pleasure and refreshment of all who enter.” Visit the Rye Patch grounds and see the Historic Horses of Aiken and the Clifford S. Gerde Carriage Museum. The restored Winter Colony home Rye Patch and the Guest Cottage are civic centers that can be rented for events “of suitable dignity.”

To join the Friends, send a tax-deductible donation in any amount to the Friends of Hopelands and Rye Patch, Inc., P.O. Box 2213, Aiken, SC 29802-2213, or click DONATE.


Friends of Hopelands and Rye Patch, Inc., provide advice to the City of Aiken and raise funds for the preservation, improvement, and use of the properties so they can be enjoyed by Aiken’s residents and visitors consistent with the donors’ written wishes that Hopelands be a quiet, peaceful garden of excellence and that Rye Patch serves as a civic center of suitable dignity.

2022-2023 Officers of the
Friends of Hopelands and Rye Patch

President, Anna Dangerfield

Vice President, Holly Woltz

Treasurer, Darrell Rains

Corresponding Secretary, Gail Ebner

Recording Secretary, Lil Brannon

Terms Expire in 2023

* Michael W. Beckner
* Wilkins Byrd
   Robert C. Cunningham
* Anna Dangerfield
* Gail Ebner
   Mary Goodyear
   Hillery Head
   Margaret Marion
   Linda Knox McLean
* Darrell Rains
   Frank Thomas, Jr.
* Holly Woltz

Terms Expire in 2024

   Kena Black
* Lil Brannon-Knoblauch
   Michael Cowen
   Tommie Culligan
   Chuck Foster
   Cam Glenn
   Steve Kisner
   John Oakland
   Kelly Reynolds
   Allen Riddick
   Jane Anne Royal
   Martha Wolf

Terms Expire in 2025

   Newkirk Barnes
   Catherine Bedenbaugh
   Joshua Booth
   Jane Crayton Davis
   Reggie Ebner
   Susan French
   Jane Hottensen
   Melencia Johnson
* James R. Kabel
* Ed Mann
* Peggy Thome
* Kathy Wise

*Members of Executive Committee

Trustees by Virtue of Office

Stuart Bedenbaugh, City Manager
City of Aiken
J. David Jameson, President/CEO
Greater Aiken Chamber of Commerce
Kathy Lee, President
Aiken Council of Garden Clubs
Jeannie Groat, President
Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall
of Fame and Museum