Children Education

Dendrology, Nature Books, Scavenger Hunt, and more.

Activities at Home


Make a pocket-sized guide book for your study of trees (Dendrology) in Hopelands Gardens.

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Life Cycle of a Frog Coloring Page

All living things go through a life cycle. Learn about and color the stages of a frog’s life from an egg to a tadpole and finally maturing to an adult.

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Color the plants and animals that inhabit wetland habitats to meet their needs for food, water, shelter and space.

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Scavenger Hunt

Search for a rock, bug, mushroom and more in Hopelands Gardens. Explore! (Targeted for younger children)

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Bibliography of Children’s Nature Books

Explore the recommendations of our own Aiken County librarian for informative and fun books about nature.

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Bird and Butterfly Garden Coloring Page

Flowers have colors, scents, and shapes that appeal to different animals. Color these flowers, butterflies, and birds (pollinators) that keep nature alive.

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Follow the brick paths, look in the lakes and between the trees to find more than 20 items commonly found in a garden. (Targeted for older children)

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Programs at Hopelands and Rye Patch

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Using clues, simple math and directional hints, children will find fun things of nature. For children ages 7 to 13.

Trees, Seeds, and Secrets of Nature

Follow Aaron Campbell, City of Aiken Horticulturist and Arborist, on a walk and find ferns that come alive with rain, the biggest tree in Aiken, knees that aren’t on humans, turtles that park in a “garage” and more. Come explore! For children ages 5 and above.

The Wonderful World of Monarch Butterflies

This hands-on STEAM class is for children ages 8-11 and is taught by the Savannah River Ecology Lab staff. Discover the lifecycle and great annual migration that Monarch butterflies complete!

Nature Walk

For children ages 7-12. Follow the clues, have fun and answer questions about nature and history throughout the grounds of Hopelands Gardens.

Water is Life

Dipping into the lakes, participants will measure water quality using physical, chemical and biological evidence to conclude how “healthy” the water is in Hopelands. How do the Wetlands help to clean and recycle water into Hitchcock Woods? For children ages 12 and above.