National Pet Day

Come out and walk with us around the pet with your leashed furry loved one. Aiken Dog Walks will lead a one-hour walk through the gardens. Speaker: Denise Parmentier- Aiken Dog Walks


Eco-Venture:  Eco-Venture Let’s go on a hands-on “walk and talk” at Hopelands!  Kids, grades 1st-5th, can join Kimberly Fickling (Director of Environmental Education at Ruth Patrick Science Education Center) on a fun, one-hour exploratory walk through the gardens. They will use their senses as well as some scientific tools to observe the world around them! Speakers: Gary Senn and Kimberly Fickling – Ruth Patrick Science Center

Amphibian and Reptilian Encounters at Hopelands Gardens

Amphibian and Reptilian Encounters at Hopelands Gardens- Participants will be able to observe live animals up close and learn how they help to keep the gardens healthy. Speaker: Sean Poppy – Savannah River Ecology Lab